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How to clean your silver jewellery?

When you bought silver jewellery for an event, then you never want it to become dull and tarnished. Try out these fantastic methods to clean your silver jewellery.

Always put silica gel pockets in your jewellery box:
Silica gel is the best and widely trusted tip to save your jewellery, and experts recommend putting silica gel pockets in your jewellery box. Moisture in your jewellery box cause dullness and tarnish your silver. Silica gel pockets help to absorb all that moisture protects your jewellery, and make it shiny and bright. You have seen silica get pockets because when you buy new shoes and bags, they come free in it. You can also use these silica gel pockets in your jewellery box.

Use plain tomato ketchup:
Are you worried and looking for an effective way to clean your silver jewellery? Try now tomato ketchup to make your silver jewellery shine like it is new and just bought. Rub tomato paste on your jewellery for some time and then clean it off with the help of towel or tissue. If you did not get the desired results, leave the tomato paste for 10 to 15 minutes and see the magic.

Use lime or lemon:
Another great, easy and costless technique, which helps you to clean your silver earring or necklace, is the use to lime or lemon juice. Take some water and squeeze a lemon or lime into it. Put your jewellery item, which you wanted to make shine in the lime-lemon soda and leave it for few minutes. Then take it out, rinse and let it dry. You will see that all the tarnish is gone.
You do not have to go to jewellery polisher shop and to spend money because here is an easy way to clean your silver jewellery and that is with toothpaste. People usually think that toothpaste only can work best or teeth, but they never know about the unlimited magic of toothpaste. You can use any toothpaste to clean your silver jewellery. Take a small amount of toothpaste, rub it onto your jewellery item and then rinse it. You will be amazed by seeing the intense shine.

Take help of window cleaner:
Your window cleaner is not just for cleaning the windows, but it also works to clean other surfaces too. Now you can do two different chores with only one product. Take your window cleaner and sprinkle it on a toothbrush. Then rub this toothbrush on your tarnish silver jewellery. Window cleaner will help your jewellery to comes into its original colour and remove all dullness.

Vinegar is the product that is easily available in every house and people used it in many dishes. Vinegar also helps to clean different surfaces, and most of the cleaners used vinegar as an ingredient in them. You can be called it a versatile cleaning tool. Make a mixture of vinegar by adding a spoon of baking soda in it. Dip you tarnish and dull silver jewellery in it for few hours. Rinse your soak jewellery with cold water and let it dry thoroughly.

Airtight jars/plastic bags:
As a precaution it is important to save your jewellery to become dull is to store it in some plastic bags or some airtight container. Airtight containers or plastic bags with seal stops air to enter into the box and leave moisture. Moisture in the air is the basic reason of tarnish. It should be kept in mind that never store your jewellery in some place that is more humid. So keep your jewellery away from washrooms etc.

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